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Our Mission

Black Cloud Tattoo has established itself as one of the top tattoo shops in Charlotte.  We are humbled by all the love and support our customers have showed us since the day we opened the door.  We are greatful for all the hard work our artist have put in the making of BCT family.

Someone once told me Not to forget that I was just simply the bottom of the totem pole. The weight has made us stronger. Thank you.
"We are here to set away the stigma of the tattoo studio by bringing versatile artist to a fully sterile environment.  Our mission: to provide the best customer service and a fully disposable procedure in a family friendly environment."
    Here at Black Cloud Tattoo we specialize in custom tattoo from different styles.  The ambiance here is personal and less commercial.  All of our Artist and Piercers have been in this industry for years and we are also proud to say we are the ONLY Tattoo/Piercing Shop with a Chemiclave Vapor/Gas(Vapo-Steril) sterilizing equipment used by hospitals and medical clinics.  All of our Artist are recognized by NC Health Dept. and certified Nationwide BBP.  Come check our clean top of the line 4 tattoo stations and state of the art Piercing station, Great Artist and our Master Piercer.  Email us for Quotes.

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Crytal J.

a month ago

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Absolutely love this place!!!!!!!! Wish I found them sooner. Everyone was so nice and they mentor you on their professional opinion based on placing and tattoo your getting so you never have to second guess yourself. I highly recommend black cloud.